Welcome to the Orange Seal family

We love and live the outdoor lifestyle.

We are a collection of riders from all different types of cycling.

We strive to maximize every ride.

All of the preparation prior to getting on the bike only helps to delay the arrival of the time for us to get off.

To ride with such prupose, quality is key.

We desire the best products possible for our needs.

Optimal tire performance and durability is essential to a great ride. Losing tire pressure, via a leak or flat, is the fastest way to degrade performance or even stop you in your tracks.

We longed for a product to combat this.

So, we developed it. That's how important the perfect ride is to us. Not every ride will work out perfct but we have engineered a product to help us get pretty dang close!

We are Orange Seal.

Passion developed, trail tested, rider approved.

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