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OrangeSeal In Motion

Family Seal S2:E3 -Between Two Worlds -MTB and Gravel

Family Seal athletes Payson McElveen and Hannah Finchamp take on Leadboat and Leadville respectfully. Payson tackles the iconic Leadville on Day 1 and then jumps in a car for a 2.5 hour drive to Steamboat where he races another 140 miles on gravel. While Hannah takes on her first and longest distance mtb race - Leadville! Both share thier thoughts, highs and lows of training, preparing, and racing at these iconic races.

Pedaling Nomads

Cole and Savilia have their eyes set on a life of racing while traveling and living in their Vandoit Van with 3-4 bikes, gear, and Coles "burrito" wrapper. Watching Savilia finish her final year at Fort Lewis College online from the road while Cole has endless games to keep her distracted. Produced by Cold Collab

Family Seal S2:E1 Changing times

Life during the COVID pandemic as seen from an athlete's and team's perspective. Payson and Hannah experienced 12 months of solo training with no racing. It was a time to reflect, grow, develop, and pursue solo adventures which has not traditionally been possible to do and still meet sponsor requirements. We kept the family bond strong with social distancing protocols and modern technology….social media, zoom conferences and telephone calls. Join us as we recount the last 12 months of life.

Family Seal - Triumph at The Mid South

Looking back on it, we never expected The Mid South to be one of the last races "for a while." This makes it all the more meaningful that Payson and Hannah were able to persevere through some of the toughest conditions ever served up by the roads of Stillwater Oklahoma and take the top step of the podium for pro men and women. We're proud of the efforts they made in the preparation and on race day, and celebrate their spirit of toughness as we hunker down and ride out the COVID-19 storm. We'll come back to racing as soon as we can, and until then we'll keep chronicling the adventures of team riders Payson McElveen, Hannah Finchamp, Kye Cordes, and Dennis Van Winden as they navigate the strange new landscape of training for an uncertain season during social isolation.

Family Seal S1:E1 Team Camp

"Family Seal" is a backstage pass to the Orange Seal Off-road Team. Get a peak behind the curtain and come along for the ride as professional off-road racers Payson McElveen, Hannah Finchamp, Kye Cordes, and Dennis Van Winden chase laughs, adventure, and glory while they spread passion for their sport at some of the most unique bike racing events in the world.