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We are super excited for our new column featuring our favorite shops and we look forward to celebrating the stores (and people behind them) who keep us on the road, on the gravel, and on the trail.

It’s no secret why we picked this as our first shop as it’s been a hub for Southwestern Utah’s bike scene since the early 90s.  Red Rock Bicycle is one of our favorite shops to visit each year and never miss a chance to drop in when we are in St. George.  Recently, we caught up with Joey McVey, a Rider Care Specialist, to find out what makes Red Rock Bicycle so special!



OS:  When did the shop open?  How many employees work there currently?

Joey: The shop opened in 1993 according to the earliest dated photo we can find. We have just under 60 employees and are growing!

OS:  What is the story behind Red Rock Bicycle how did it become the shop it is today?

Joey: We started out as a tiny, repair-focused shop on Flood Street. Our obsession with quality and community has helped us grow to become the biggest in Southern Utah. Now we’ve been a Top 100 Dealer for 3 years running, still focusing on quality and community.

OS: What discipline of riding do your customers do the most?

Joey: I’d say it is split pretty even 50/50 with mountain biking and E-Bikes.



OS: What is the favorite shop ride?

Joey: Paradise Rim is a crowd favorite here. It is a beautiful, quick, fun, and rowdy ride.

OS: If someone was to ask around town what your shop is best known for, what would it be?

Joey: We are best known for our versatility and selection. We have bikes for every kind of rider.


OS: Where is the go-to place eat or have a beer after a shop ride?

Joey: Georges Corner because we can't give away our sacred spot (sorry)

OS: How long have you been partnering with Orange Seal? What’s your favorite benefit for you all and the Southern Utah environment

Joey: We have had Orange Seal in the shop for years. Orange Seal is a necessity in southern Utah. Tire goo has come a long way and it’s not the same green goo you used when you were a kid. Here you need quality sealant or you will get a flat every ride.

OS: The terrain in St George is tough on tires, any pro tips?

Joey: Sealant and tire inserts are a must down here in the desert.

OS: What makes St. George such a special place to ride?  Any notable events or group gatherings?

Joey: The cycling community here is one of a kind. We have a wide variety of trail systems that fit everyone's wants and needs. Not to mention, you can ride year-round, which is huge.

OS: I only have 24 hours in St George area.  What ride is a must for me to do?

Joey: You have to ride Zen. It has a little bit of everything. Technical climbing, a beautiful view, and a technical rowdy descent.

OS: Any future plans you would like to share with our consumers?

Joey: Trail expansion is crazy and ever growing down here! We are especially stoked to get the pine valley trail system up and running.

OS: Thanks Joey!


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